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SOIL, 7, 693–715, 2021

Special issue: Tropical biogeochemistry of soils in the Congo Basin and the...

SOIL, 7, 693–715, 2021

Original research article 26 Oct 2021

Original research article | 26 Oct 2021

The central African soil spectral library: a new soil infrared repository and a geographical prediction analysis

Laura Summerauer et al.

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Soil geochemistry as a driver of soil organic matter composition: insights from a soil chronosequence
Moritz Mainka, Laura Summerauer, Daniel Wasner, Gina Garland, Marco Griepentrog, Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, and Sebastian Doetterl
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2021
Preprint under review for BG
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Organic matter cycling along geochemical, geomorphic, and disturbance gradients in forest and cropland of the African Tropics – project TropSOC database version 1.0
Sebastian Doetterl, Rodrigue K. Asifiwe, Geert Baert, Fernando Bamba, Marijn Bauters, Pascal Boeckx, Benjamin Bukombe, Georg Cadisch, Matthew Cooper, Landry N. Cizungu, Alison Hoyt, Clovis Kabaseke, Karsten Kalbitz, Laurent Kidinda, Annina Maier, Moritz Mainka, Julia Mayrock, Daniel Muhindo, Basile B. Mujinya, Serge M. Mukotanyi, Leon Nabahungu, Mario Reichenbach, Boris Rewald, Johan Six, Anna Stegmann, Laura Summerauer, Robin Unseld, Bernard Vanlauwe, Kristof Van Oost, Kris Verheyen, Cordula Vogel, Florian Wilken, and Peter Fiener
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 4133–4153,,, 2021
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Seasonality, drivers, and isotopic composition of soil CO2 fluxes from tropical forests of the Congo Basin
Simon Baumgartner, Matti Barthel, Travis William Drake, Marijn Bauters, Isaac Ahanamungu Makelele, John Kalume Mugula, Laura Summerauer, Nora Gallarotti, Landry Cizungu Ntaboba, Kristof Van Oost, Pascal Boeckx, Sebastian Doetterl, Roland Anton Werner, and Johan Six
Biogeosciences, 17, 6207–6218,,, 2020
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Soil and methods
Estimation of soil properties with mid-infrared soil spectroscopy across yam production landscapes in West Africa
Philipp Baumann, Juhwan Lee, Emmanuel Frossard, Laurie Paule Schönholzer, Lucien Diby, Valérie Kouamé Hgaza, Delwende Innocent Kiba, Andrew Sila, Keith Sheperd, and Johan Six
SOIL, 7, 717–731,,, 2021
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Developing the Swiss mid-infrared soil spectral library for local estimation and monitoring
Philipp Baumann, Anatol Helfenstein, Andreas Gubler, Armin Keller, Reto Giulio Meuli, Daniel Wächter, Juhwan Lee, Raphael Viscarra Rossel, and Johan Six
SOIL, 7, 525–546,,, 2021
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An underground, wireless, open-source, low-cost system for monitoring oxygen, temperature, and soil moisture
Elad Levintal, Yonatan Ganot, Gail Taylor, Peter Freer-Smith, Kosana Suvocarev, and Helen E. Dahlke
SOIL Discuss.,,, 2021
Revised manuscript accepted for SOIL
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Predicting the spatial distribution of soil organic carbon stock in Swedish forests using a group of covariates and site-specific data
Kpade O. L. Hounkpatin, Johan Stendahl, Mattias Lundblad, and Erik Karltun
SOIL, 7, 377–398,,, 2021
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Improved calibration of the Green–Ampt infiltration module in the EROSION-2D/3D model using a rainfall-runoff experiment database
Hana Beitlerová, Jonas Lenz, Jan Devátý, Martin Mistr, Jiří Kapička, Arno Buchholz, Ilona Gerndtová, and Anne Routschek
SOIL, 7, 241–253,,, 2021
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Short summary
We present a soil mid-infrared library with over 1800 samples from central Africa in order to facilitate soil analyses of this highly understudied yet critical area. Together with an existing continental library, we demonstrate a regional analysis and geographical extrapolation to predict total carbon and nitrogen. Our results show accurate predictions and highlight the value that the data contribute to existing libraries. Our library is openly available for public use and for expansion.