Special issues


Advancements in data acquisition for soil erosion studies, 2015
Eds. E. Taguas, J. A. Gómez, M. Seeger, G. Guzmán, J. Quinton, A. Millares, and Y. Yuan
An introduction to SOIL, 2015
Eds. E. C. Brevik, J. Mataix-Solera, L. Pereg, J. Quinton, J. Six, and Kristof Van Oost


Earth surface shaping by biota (ESurf/BG/ESD/ESSD/SOIL inter-journal SI), 2018
Eds. Axel Don, Boris Jansen, Todd A. Ehlers, and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg
Effects of wildfires and pyrogenic carbon on soil functioning and organic matter dynamics, 2021
Eds. Gabriel Sigmund, Nicasio T. Jiménez-Morillo, Cristina Santin, José María De la Rosa, Nuno Guiomar, Diana Vieira, and Giacomo Certini


Geosciences and wine: the environmental processes that regulate the terroir effect in space and time, 2014
Eds. E. A. C. Costantini, E. Vaudour, G. Jones, S. Mocali, and A. Cerdà


Quantifying weathering rates for sustainable forestry (BG/SOIL inter-journal SI), 2018
Eds. B. Jansen



Soil as a record of the past, 2016
Eds. S. J. Kluiving, M. Oliva, D. Sauer, I. Simpson, J. M. van Mourik, and J. Homburg
Soil science in a changing world: contributions of soil science for solving global challenges of our time, 2016
Eds. S. D. Keesstra, J. Bouma, J. Wallinga, B. Jansen, G. Mol, M. Muñoz-Rojas, J. P. Nunes, and L. Montanarella


Trade-offs and synergies of soil carbon sequestration and environmental impacts: implications for agricultural management, 2023
Eds. Eugenio Diaz Pines (BOKU, Vienna), Tuula Larmola (Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finland), Cristina Aponte (INIA-CSIC, Spain), Mart Ros (Wageningen Research, Netherlands), Ana Meijide (University of Bonn, Germany), and Jeanette Whitaker (UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK)
Tropical biogeochemistry of soils in the Congo Basin and the African Great Lakes region, 2020
Eds. Marijn Bauters, Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Sebastian Doetterl, Peter Finke, Stefan Hauser, and Pauline Chivenge
CC BY 4.0