Advancements in data acquisition for soil erosion studies
Advancements in data acquisition for soil erosion studies
Editor(s): E. Taguas, J. A. Gómez, M. Seeger, G. Guzmán, J. Quinton, A. Millares, and Y. Yuan

Soil erosion continues to be a major threat worldwide threatening sustained agricultural production and wider environment through sedimentation and diffuse pollution. This has motivated scientists to develop new technologies and techniques to help fill gaps in our understanding – e.g., image analysis, optical fiber applications, biodiversity indices, and probabilistic models.

This special issue explores the use of these techniques, many of them from beyond soil system science, and will therefore (1) serve as a point of entry into the literature for the recent developments on technologies and procedures for evaluation of hydrological and environmental processes related to soil degradation; and (2) provide reports of truly interdisciplinary experiments linking erosion processes with other disciplines.

We hope that the link of disciplinary boundaries between researchers and teachers in the fields of hydrology, geomorphology and engineering will add a higher impact to this special issue for the potential readers and will promote exchange of approaches and new insights.

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15 Jan 2016
Development of a statistical tool for the estimation of riverbank erosion probability
E. A. Varouchakis, G. V. Giannakis, M. A. Lilli, E. Ioannidou, N. P. Nikolaidis, and G. P. Karatzas
SOIL, 2, 1–11,,, 2016
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09 Nov 2015
Exploring the linkage between spontaneous grass cover biodiversity and soil degradation in two olive orchard microcatchments with contrasting environmental and management conditions
E. V. Taguas, C. Arroyo, A. Lora, G. Guzmán, K. Vanderlinden, and J. A. Gómez
SOIL, 1, 651–664,,, 2015
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24 Sep 2015
Assessing the performance of a plastic optical fibre turbidity sensor for measuring post-fire erosion from plot to catchment scale
J. J. Keizer, M. A. S. Martins, S. A. Prats, L. F. Santos, D. C. S. Vieira, R. Nogueira, and L. Bilro
SOIL, 1, 641–650,,, 2015
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14 Sep 2015
Determination of hydrological roughness by means of close range remote sensing
A. Kaiser, F. Neugirg, F. Haas, J. Schmidt, M. Becht, and M. Schindewolf
SOIL, 1, 613–620,,, 2015
07 Sep 2015
Sediment loss and its cause in Puerto Rico watersheds
Y. Yuan, Y. Jiang, E. V. Taguas, E. G. Mbonimpa, and W. Hu
SOIL, 1, 595–602,,, 2015
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27 Aug 2015
SF3M software: 3-D photo-reconstruction for non-expert users and its application to a gully network
C. Castillo, M. R. James, M. D. Redel-Macías, R. Pérez, and J. A. Gómez
SOIL, 1, 583–594,,, 2015
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19 Aug 2015
The application of terrestrial laser scanner and SfM photogrammetry in measuring erosion and deposition processes in two opposite slopes in a humid badlands area (central Spanish Pyrenees)
E. Nadal-Romero, J. Revuelto, P. Errea, and J. I. López-Moreno
SOIL, 1, 561–573,,, 2015
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10 Jul 2015
Gully geometry: what are we measuring?
J. Casalí, R. Giménez, and M. A. Campo-Bescós
SOIL, 1, 509–513,,, 2015
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24 Apr 2015
Soil surface roughness: comparing old and new measuring methods and application in a soil erosion model
L. M. Thomsen, J. E. M. Baartman, R. J. Barneveld, T. Starkloff, and J. Stolte
SOIL, 1, 399–410,,, 2015
CC BY 4.0