An introduction to SOIL
An introduction to SOIL
Editor(s): E. C. Brevik, J. Mataix-Solera, L. Pereg, J. Quinton, J. Six, and Kristof Van Oost

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16 Mar 2015
A meta-analysis of soil biodiversity impacts on the carbon cycle
M.-A. de Graaff, J. Adkins, P. Kardol, and H. L. Throop
SOIL, 1, 257–271,,, 2015
11 Mar 2015
The soil N cycle: new insights and key challenges
J. W. van Groenigen, D. Huygens, P. Boeckx, Th. W. Kuyper, I. M. Lubbers, T. Rütting, and P. M. Groffman
SOIL, 1, 235–256,,, 2015
20 Feb 2015
Eddy covariance for quantifying trace gas fluxes from soils
W. Eugster and L. Merbold
SOIL, 1, 187–205,,, 2015
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06 Feb 2015
Identification of sensitive indicators to assess the interrelationship between soil quality, management practices and human health
R. Zornoza, J. A. Acosta, F. Bastida, S. G. Domínguez, D. M. Toledo, and A. Faz
SOIL, 1, 173–185,,, 2015
05 Feb 2015
Permafrost soils and carbon cycling
C. L. Ping, J. D. Jastrow, M. T. Jorgenson, G. J. Michaelson, and Y. L. Shur
SOIL, 1, 147–171,,, 2015
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26 Jan 2015
The fate of seeds in the soil: a review of the influence of overland flow on seed removal and its consequences for the vegetation of arid and semiarid patchy ecosystems
E. Bochet
SOIL, 1, 131–146,,, 2015
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06 Jan 2015
The past, present, and future of soils and human health studies
E. C. Brevik and T. J. Sauer
SOIL, 1, 35–46,,, 2015
05 Jan 2015
Carbon nanomaterials in clean and contaminated soils: environmental implications and applications
M. J. Riding, F. L. Martin, K. C. Jones, and K. T. Semple
SOIL, 1, 1–21,,, 2015
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10 Apr 2015
The economics of soil C sequestration and agricultural emissions abatement
P. Alexander, K. Paustian, P. Smith, and D. Moran
SOIL, 1, 331–339,,, 2015
09 Apr 2015
Investigating microbial transformations of soil organic matter: synthesizing knowledge from disparate fields to guide new experimentation
S. A. Billings, L. K. Tiemann, F. Ballantyne IV, C. A. Lehmeier, and K. Min
SOIL, 1, 313–330,,, 2015
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21 Apr 2015
A new synthesis for terrestrial nitrogen inputs
B. Z. Houlton and S. L. Morford
SOIL, 1, 381–397,,, 2015
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22 Jun 2015
Integrated soil fertility management in sub-Saharan Africa: unravelling local adaptation
B. Vanlauwe, K. Descheemaeker, K. E. Giller, J. Huising, R. Merckx, G. Nziguheba, J. Wendt, and S. Zingore
SOIL, 1, 491–508,,, 2015
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13 Aug 2015
Case studies of soil in art
C. Feller, E. R. Landa, A. Toland, and G. Wessolek
SOIL, 1, 543–559,,, 2015
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16 Jan 2015
The interdisciplinary nature of SOIL
E. C. Brevik, A. Cerdà, J. Mataix-Solera, L. Pereg, J. N. Quinton, J. Six, and K. Van Oost
SOIL, 1, 117–129,,, 2015
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