Articles | Volume 1, issue 2
SOIL, 1, 583–594, 2015

Special issue: Advancements in data acquisition for soil erosion studies

SOIL, 1, 583–594, 2015

Original research article 27 Aug 2015

Original research article | 27 Aug 2015

SF3M software: 3-D photo-reconstruction for non-expert users and its application to a gully network

C. Castillo et al.

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Quantifying uncertainty in high-resolution remotely sensed topographic surveys for ephemeral gully channel monitoring
Robert R. Wells, Henrique G. Momm, and Carlos Castillo
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Image-based surface reconstruction in geomorphometry – merits, limits and developments
Anette Eltner, Andreas Kaiser, Carlos Castillo, Gilles Rock, Fabian Neugirg, and Antonio Abellán
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 359–389,,, 2016
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A conceptual model of check dam hydraulics for gully control: efficiency, optimal spacing and relation with step-pools
C. Castillo, R. Pérez, and J. A. Gómez
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 18, 1705–1721,,, 2014

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Soil degradation (chemical, physical and biological)
Understanding the role of water and tillage erosion from 239+240Pu tracer measurements using inverse modelling
Florian Wilken, Michael Ketterer, Sylvia Koszinski, Michael Sommer, and Peter Fiener
SOIL, 6, 549–564,,, 2020
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Variation of soil organic carbon, stable isotopes, and soil quality indicators across an erosion–deposition catena in a historical Spanish olive orchard
José A. Gómez, Gema Guzmán, Arsenio Toloza, Christian Resch, Roberto García-Ruíz, and Lionel Mabit
SOIL, 6, 179–194,,, 2020
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Impacts of land use and topography on soil organic carbon in a Mediterranean landscape (north-western Tunisia)
Donia Jendoubi, Hanspeter Liniger, and Chinwe Ifejika Speranza
SOIL, 5, 239–251,,, 2019
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Spatial assessments of soil organic carbon for stakeholder decision-making – a case study from Kenya
Tor-Gunnar Vågen, Leigh Ann Winowiecki, Constance Neely, Sabrina Chesterman, and Mieke Bourne
SOIL, 4, 259–266,,, 2018
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How serious a problem is subsoil compaction in the Netherlands? A survey based on probability sampling
Dick J. Brus and Jan J. H. van den Akker
SOIL, 4, 37–45,,, 2018
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Short summary
- We present SF3M, a new graphical user interface for implementing a complete 3-D photo-reconstruction workflow based on freely available software, in combination with a low-cost survey design for the reconstruction of a several-hundred-metres-long gully network. - This methodology implied using inexpensive means, little manpower, in a short time span, being a promising tool for gully erosion evaluation in scenarios with demanding budget and time constraints and reduced operator expertise.