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SOIL, 1, 313–330, 2015

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SOIL, 1, 313–330, 2015
Review article
09 Apr 2015
Review article | 09 Apr 2015

Investigating microbial transformations of soil organic matter: synthesizing knowledge from disparate fields to guide new experimentation

S. A. Billings et al.

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Deepening roots can enhance carbonate weathering by amplifying CO2-rich recharge
Hang Wen, Pamela L. Sullivan, Gwendolyn L. Macpherson, Sharon A. Billings, and Li Li
Biogeosciences, 18, 55–75,,, 2021
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Temperature-mediated changes in microbial carbon use efficiency and 13C discrimination
Christoph A. Lehmeier, Ford Ballantyne IV, Kyungjin Min, and Sharon A. Billings
Biogeosciences, 13, 3319–3329,,, 2016

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Soils and biogeochemical cycling
Soil nutrient contents and stoichiometry within aggregate size classes varied with tea plantation age and soil depth in southern Guangxi in China
Ling Mao, Shaoming Ye, and Shengqiang Wang
SOIL, 8, 487–505,,, 2022
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Land use impact on carbon mineralization in well aerated soils is mainly explained by variations of particulate organic matter rather than of soil structure
Steffen Schlüter, Tim Roussety, Lena Rohe, Vusal Guliyev, Evgenia Blagodatskaya, and Thomas Reitz
SOIL, 8, 253–267,,, 2022
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Inclusion of biochar in a C dynamics model based on observations from an 8-year field experiment
Roberta Pulcher, Enrico Balugani, Maurizio Ventura, Nicolas Greggio, and Diego Marazza
SOIL, 8, 199–211,,, 2022
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Synergy between compost and cover crops in a Mediterranean row crop system leads to increased subsoil carbon storage
Daniel Rath, Nathaniel Bogie, Leonardo Deiss, Sanjai J. Parikh, Daoyuan Wang, Samantha Ying, Nicole Tautges, Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Teamrat A. Ghezzehei, and Kate M. Scow
SOIL, 8, 59–83,,, 2022
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Phosphorus dynamics during early soil development in a cold desert: insights from oxygen isotopes in phosphate
Zuzana Frkova, Chiara Pistocchi, Yuliya Vystavna, Katerina Capkova, Jiri Dolezal, and Federica Tamburini
SOIL, 8, 1–15,,, 2022
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We highlight observations relevant to soil organic matter (SOM) decay and retention but often emanating from disparate fields. First, we describe relevant natural and artificial aquatic environments. Second, we describe how intrinsic patterns of decay kinetics for purified soil substrates are useful for defining baseline rates. Third, we describe theoretical advances important for the discipline. Last, we describe how these advances can be used to unravel the mysteries of deep SOM persistence.
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