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Volume 1, issue 1
SOIL, 1, 235–256, 2015
© Author(s) 2015. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Special issue: An introduction to SOIL

SOIL, 1, 235–256, 2015
© Author(s) 2015. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Review article 11 Mar 2015

Review article | 11 Mar 2015

The soil N cycle: new insights and key challenges

J. W. van Groenigen et al.

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Seasonality, drivers, and isotopic composition of soil CO2 fluxes from tropical forests of the Congo Basin
Simon Baumgartner, Matti Barthel, Travis W. Drake, Marijn Bauters, Isaac Ahanamungu Makelele, John Kalume Mugula, Laura Summerauer, Nora Gallarotti, Landry Cizungu Ntaboba, Kristof Van Oost, Pascal Boeckx, Sebastian Doetterl, Roland A. Werner, and Johan Six
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2020
Preprint under review for BG
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CO2, CH4 and N2O fluxes along an altitudinal gradient in the northern Ecuadorean Andes: N2O consumption at higher altitudes
Paula Alejandra Lamprea Pineda, Marijn Bauters, Hans Verbeeck, Selene Baez, Matti Barthel, and Pascal Boeckx
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2020
Preprint under review for BG
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CHLSOC: the Chilean Soil Organic Carbon database, a multi-institutional collaborative effort
Marco Pfeiffer, José Padarian, Rodrigo Osorio, Nelson Bustamante, Guillermo Federico Olmedo, Mario Guevara, Felipe Aburto, Francisco Albornoz, Monica Antilén, Elías Araya, Eduardo Arellano, Maialen Barret, Juan Barrera, Pascal Boeckx, Margarita Briceño, Sally Bunning, Lea Cabrol, Manuel Casanova, Pablo Cornejo, Fabio Corradini, Gustavo Curaqueo, Sebastian Doetterl, Paola Duran, Mauricio Escudey, Angelina Espinoza, Samuel Francke, Juan Pablo Fuentes, Marcel Fuentes, Gonzalo Gajardo, Rafael García, Audrey Gallaud, Mauricio Galleguillos, Andrés Gomez, Marcela Hidalgo, Jorge Ivelic-Sáez, Lwando Mashalaba, Francisco Matus, Francisco Meza, Maria de la Luz Mora, Jorge Mora, Cristina Muñoz, Pablo Norambuena, Carolina Olivera, Carlos Ovalle, Marcelo Panichini, Aníbal Pauchard, Jorge F. Pérez-Quezada, Sergio Radic, José Ramirez, Nicolás Riveras, Germán Ruiz, Osvaldo Salazar, Iván Salgado, Oscar Seguel, Maria Sepúlveda, Carlos Sierra, Yasna Tapia, Francisco Tapia, Balfredo Toledo, José Miguel Torrico, Susana Valle, Ronald Vargas, Michael Wolff, and Erick Zagal
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 457–468,,, 2020
Short summary
Diurnal variation in the isotope composition of plant xylem water biases the depth of root-water uptake estimates
Hannes P. T. De Deurwaerder, Marco D. Visser, Matteo Detto, Pascal Boeckx, Félicien Meunier, Liangju Zhao, Lixin Wang, and Hans Verbeeck
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2020
Revised manuscript under review for BG
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Constructed Technosols are key to the sustainable development of urban green infrastructure
Maha Deeb, Peter M. Groffman, Manuel Blouin, Sara Perl Egendorf, Alan Vergnes, Viacheslav Vasenev, Donna L. Cao, Daniel Walsh, Tatiana Morin, and Geoffroy Séré
SOIL Discuss.,,, 2019
Revised manuscript under review for SOIL
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Related subject area

Soils and biogeochemical cycling
Catchment export of base cations: improved mineral dissolution kinetics influence the role of water transit time
Martin Erlandsson Lampa, Harald U. Sverdrup, Kevin H. Bishop, Salim Belyazid, Ali Ameli, and Stephan J. Köhler
SOIL, 6, 231–244,,, 2020
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Boreal-forest soil chemistry drives soil organic carbon bioreactivity along a 314-year fire chronosequence
Benjamin Andrieux, David Paré, Julien Beguin, Pierre Grondin, and Yves Bergeron
SOIL, 6, 195–213,,, 2020
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Ramped thermal analysis for isolating biologically meaningful soil organic matter fractions with distinct residence times
Jonathan Sanderman and A. Stuart Grandy
SOIL, 6, 131–144,,, 2020
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Variations in soil chemical and physical properties explain basin-wide Amazon forest soil carbon concentrations
Carlos Alberto Quesada, Claudia Paz, Erick Oblitas Mendoza, Oliver Lawrence Phillips, Gustavo Saiz, and Jon Lloyd
SOIL, 6, 53–88,,, 2020
Short summary
Lithology- and climate-controlled soil aggregate-size distribution and organic carbon stability in the Peruvian Andes
Songyu Yang, Boris Jansen, Samira Absalah, Rutger L. van Hall, Karsten Kalbitz, and Erik L. H. Cammeraat
SOIL, 6, 1–15,,, 2020
Short summary

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