Articles | Volume 6, issue 2
SOIL, 6, 245–267, 2020
SOIL, 6, 245–267, 2020
Review article
08 Jul 2020
Review article | 08 Jul 2020

What do we know about how the terrestrial multicellular soil fauna reacts to microplastic?

Frederick Büks et al.

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Technical note: The recovery rate of free particulate organic matter is strongly reduced by conventional density fractionation of soil samples
Frederick Büks
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2022
Preprint under review for BG
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What comes after the Sun? On the integration of soil biogeochemical pre-weathering into microplastic experiments
Frederick Büks and Martin Kaupenjohann
SOIL, 8, 373–380,,, 2022
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Particles under stress: ultrasonication causes size and recovery rate artifacts with soil-derived POM but not with microplastics
Frederick Büks, Gilles Kayser, Antonia Zieger, Friederike Lang, and Martin Kaupenjohann
Biogeosciences, 18, 159–167,,, 2021
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Global concentrations of microplastics in soils – a review
Frederick Büks and Martin Kaupenjohann
SOIL, 6, 649–662,,, 2020
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Two different microbial communities did not cause differences in occlusion of particulate organic matter in a sandy agricultural soil
Frederick Büks, Philip Rebensburg, Peter Lentzsch, and Martin Kaupenjohann
SOIL Discuss.,,, 2016
Revised manuscript has not been submitted
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Soil biodiversity and soil health
Lower functional redundancy in “narrow” than “broad” functions in global soil metagenomics
Huaihai Chen, Kayan Ma, Yu Huang, Qi Fu, Yingbo Qiu, Jiajiang Lin, Christopher W. Schadt, and Hao Chen
SOIL, 8, 297–308,,, 2022
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Pairing litter decomposition with microbial community structures using the Tea Bag Index (TBI)
Anne Daebeler, Eva Petrová, Elena Kinz, Susanne Grausenburger, Helene Berthold, Taru Sandén, Roey Angel, and the high-school students of biology project groups I, II, and III from 2018–2019
SOIL, 8, 163–176,,, 2022
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Network complexity of rubber plantations is lower than tropical forests for soil bacteria but not for fungi
Guoyu Lan, Chuan Yang, Zhixiang Wu, Rui Sun, Bangqian Chen, and Xicai Zhang
SOIL, 8, 149–161,,, 2022
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Changes in soil physicochemical properties and bacterial communities at different soil depths after long-term straw mulching under a no-till system
Zijun Zhou, Zengqiang Li, Kun Chen, Zhaoming Chen, Xiangzhong Zeng, Hua Yu, Song Guo, Yuxian Shangguan, Qingrui Chen, Hongzhu Fan, Shihua Tu, Mingjiang He, and Yusheng Qin
SOIL, 7, 595–609,,, 2021
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Microbial communities and their predictive functional profiles in the arid soil of Saudi Arabia
Munawwar A. Khan and Shams T. Khan
SOIL, 6, 513–521,,, 2020
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Via anthropogenic input, microplastics (MPs) today represent a part of the soil organic matter. We analyzed studies on passive translocation, active ingestion, bioaccumulation and adverse effects of MPs on multicellular soil faunal life. These studies on a wide range of soil organisms found a recurring pattern of adverse effects on motility, growth, metabolism, reproduction, mortality and gut microbiome. However, the shape and type of the experimental MP often did not match natural conditions.