Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
SOIL, 4, 37–45, 2018
SOIL, 4, 37–45, 2018
Original research article
05 Feb 2018
Original research article | 05 Feb 2018

How serious a problem is subsoil compaction in the Netherlands? A survey based on probability sampling

Dick J. Brus and Jan J. H. van den Akker

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Esther Stouthamer, Gilles Erkens, Kim Cohen, Dries Hegger, Peter Driessen, Hans Peter Weikard, Mariet Hefting, Ramon Hanssen, Peter Fokker, Jan van den Akker, Frank Groothuijse, and Marleen van Rijswick
Proc. IAHS, 382, 815–819,,, 2020
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Subsoil compaction is an important soil threat. It is caused by heavy machines used in agriculture. The aim of this study was to estimate how large the area with overcompacted subsoils is in the Netherlands. This was done by selecting locations randomly and determining the porosity and bulk density of the soil at these locations. It appeared that 43 % of the soils in the Netherlands is overcompacted, and so we conclude that subsoil compaction is indeed a serious problem in the Netherlands.