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SOIL, 1, 603–612, 2015
SOIL, 1, 603–612, 2015

Review article 08 Sep 2015

Review article | 08 Sep 2015

Can we manipulate root system architecture to control soil erosion?

A. Ola et al.

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Roisin O'Riordan, Jess Davies, Carly Stevens, and John N. Quinton
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Particulate macronutrient exports from tropical African montane catchments point to the impoverishment of agricultural soils
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Arable soil formation and erosion: a hillslope-based cosmogenic nuclide study in the United Kingdom
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The interdisciplinary nature of SOIL
E. C. Brevik, A. Cerdà, J. Mataix-Solera, L. Pereg, J. N. Quinton, J. Six, and K. Van Oost
SOIL, 1, 117–129,,, 2015
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Soil degradation (chemical, physical and biological)
Spatial distribution of argan tree influence on soil properties in southern Morocco
Mario Kirchhoff, Tobias Romes, Irene Marzolff, Manuel Seeger, Ali Aït Hssaine, and Johannes B. Ries
SOIL, 7, 511–524,,, 2021
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Assessing soil redistribution of forest and cropland sites in wet tropical Africa using 239+240Pu fallout radionuclides
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SOIL, 7, 399–414,,, 2021
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Significant soil degradation is associated with intensive vegetable cropping in a subtropical area: a case study in southwestern China
Ming Lu, David S. Powlson, Yi Liang, Dave R. Chadwick, Shengbi Long, Dunyi Liu, and Xinping Chen
SOIL, 7, 333–346,,, 2021
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Spatial variations, origins, and risk assessments of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in French soils
Claire Froger, Nicolas P. A. Saby, Claudy C. Jolivet, Line Boulonne, Giovanni Caria, Xavier Freulon, Chantal de Fouquet, Hélène Roussel, Franck Marot, and Antonio Bispo
SOIL, 7, 161–178,,, 2021
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Complex soil food web enhances the association between N mineralization and soybean yield – a model study from long-term application of a conservation tillage system in a black soil of Northeast China
Shixiu Zhang, Liang Chang, Neil B. McLaughlin, Shuyan Cui, Haitao Wu, Donghui Wu, Wenju Liang, and Aizhen Liang
SOIL, 7, 71–82,,, 2021
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Plant roots are crucial in soil erosion control. Moreover, some species respond to nutrient-rich patches by lateral root proliferation. At the soil surface dense mats of roots may block soil pores thereby limiting infiltration, enhancing runoff; whereas at depth local increases in shear strength may reinforce soils at the shear plane. This review considers the potential of manipulating plant roots to control erosion.