Articles | Volume 8, issue 1
SOIL, 8, 391–408, 2022
SOIL, 8, 391–408, 2022
Original research article
31 May 2022
Original research article | 31 May 2022

The effect of tillage depth and traffic management on soil properties and root development during two growth stages of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

David Hobson et al.

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Soil degradation (chemical, physical and biological)
Potential effect of wetting agents added to agricultural sprays on the stability of soil aggregates
Antonín Kintl, Vítězslav Vlček, Martin Brtnický, Jan Nedělník, and Jakub Elbl
SOIL, 8, 349–372,,, 2022
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Environmental behaviors of (E) pyriminobac-methyl in agricultural soils
Wenwen Zhou, Haoran Jia, Lang Liu, Baotong Li, Yuqi Li, and Meizhu Gao
SOIL, 8, 237–252,,, 2022
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The effect of natural infrastructure on water erosion mitigation in the Andes
Veerle Vanacker, Armando Molina, Miluska Rosas-Barturen, Vivien Bonnesoeur, Francisco Román-Dañobeytia, Boris F. Ochoa-Tocachi, and Wouter Buytaert
SOIL, 8, 133–147,,, 2022
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Spatial distribution of argan tree influence on soil properties in southern Morocco
Mario Kirchhoff, Tobias Romes, Irene Marzolff, Manuel Seeger, Ali Aït Hssaine, and Johannes B. Ries
SOIL, 7, 511–524,,, 2021
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Assessing soil redistribution of forest and cropland sites in wet tropical Africa using 239+240Pu fallout radionuclides
Florian Wilken, Peter Fiener, Michael Ketterer, Katrin Meusburger, Daniel Iragi Muhindo, Kristof van Oost, and Sebastian Doetterl
SOIL, 7, 399–414,,, 2021
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Tillage practices and traffic management have significant implications for root architecture, plant growth, and, ultimately, crop yield. Soil cores were extracted from a long-term tillage trial to measure the relationship between soil physical properties and root growth. We found that no-traffic and low-tyre-pressure methods significantly increased rooting properties and crop yield under zero-tillage conditions compared to conventionally managed deep-tillage treatments with high tyre pressures.