Articles | Volume 7, issue 2
SOIL, 7, 585–594, 2021
SOIL, 7, 585–594, 2021

Original research article 06 Sep 2021

Original research article | 06 Sep 2021

Soil organic carbon mobility in equatorial podzols: soil column experiments

Patricia Merdy et al.

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Modelling the genesis of equatorial podzols: age and implications for carbon fluxes
Cédric Doupoux, Patricia Merdy, Célia Régina Montes, Naoise Nunan, Adolpho José Melfi, Osvaldo José Ribeiro Pereira, and Yves Lucas
Biogeosciences, 14, 2429–2440,,, 2017
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Microbial activity responses to water stress in agricultural soils from simple and complex crop rotations
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Aluminous clay and pedogenic Fe oxides modulate aggregation and related carbon contents in soils of the humid tropics
Maximilian Kirsten, Robert Mikutta, Didas N. Kimaro, Karl-Heinz Feger, and Karsten Kalbitz
SOIL, 7, 363–375,,, 2021
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Continental-scale controls on soil organic carbon across sub-Saharan Africa
Sophie F. von Fromm, Alison M. Hoyt, Markus Lange, Gifty E. Acquah, Ermias Aynekulu, Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Stephan M. Haefele, Steve P. McGrath, Keith D. Shepherd, Andrew M. Sila, Johan Six, Erick K. Towett, Susan E. Trumbore, Tor-G. Vågen, Elvis Weullow, Leigh A. Winowiecki, and Sebastian Doetterl
SOIL, 7, 305–332,,, 2021
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Transfer of organic C from topsoil to deeper horizons and the water table is little documented, especially in equatorial environments, despite high primary productivity in the evergreen forest. Using column experiments with podzol soil and a percolating solution sampled in an Amazonian podzol area, we show how the C-rich Bh horizon plays a role in natural organic matter transfer and Si, Fe and Al mobility after a kaolinitic layer transition, thus giving insight to the genesis of tropical podzol.