Articles | Volume 3, issue 3
SOIL, 3, 161–176, 2017
SOIL, 3, 161–176, 2017

Original research article 28 Sep 2017

Original research article | 28 Sep 2017

Potential short-term losses of N2O and N2 from high concentrations of biogas digestate in arable soils

Sebastian Rainer Fiedler et al.

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Injection of biogas digestates (BDs) is suspected to increase losses of N2O and thus to counterbalance prevented NH3 emissions. We determined N2O and N2 losses after mixing high concentrations of BD into two soils by an incubation under an artificial helium–oxygen atmosphere. Emissions did not increase with the application rate of BD, probably due to an inhibitory effect of the high NH4+ content in BD on nitrification. However, cumulated gaseous N losses may effectively offset NH3 reductions.