Articles | Volume 2, issue 4
SOIL, 2, 601–614, 2016
SOIL, 2, 601–614, 2016

Original research article 30 Nov 2016

Original research article | 30 Nov 2016

Long-term elevation of temperature affects organic N turnover and associated N2O emissions in a permanent grassland soil

Anne B. Jansen-Willems et al.

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Regulation of N2O emissions from acid organic soil drained for agriculture
Arezoo Taghizadeh-Toosi, Lars Elsgaard, Tim J. Clough, Rodrigo Labouriau, Vibeke Ernstsen, and Søren O. Petersen
Biogeosciences, 16, 4555–4575,,, 2019
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Regulation of N2O emissions from acid organic soil drained for agriculture: Effects of land use and season
Arezoo Taghizadeh-Toosi, Lars Elsgaard, Tim Clough, Rodrigo Labouriau, and Søren Ole Petersen
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2018
Revised manuscript not accepted
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Simultaneous quantification of depolymerization and mineralization rates by a novel 15N tracing model
Louise C. Andresen, Anna-Karin Björsne, Samuel Bodé, Leif Klemedtsson, Pascal Boeckx, and Tobias Rütting
SOIL, 2, 433–442,,, 2016
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Carbon and nitrogen dynamics and greenhouse gas emissions in constructed wetlands treating wastewater: a review
M. M. R. Jahangir, K. G. Richards, M. G. Healy, L. Gill, C. Müller, P. Johnston, and O. Fenton
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 20, 109–123,,, 2016
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Amino acid and N mineralization dynamics in heathland soil after long-term warming and repetitive drought
L. C. Andresen, S. Bode, A. Tietema, P. Boeckx, and T. Rütting
SOIL, 1, 341–349,,, 2015

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Soils and biogeochemical cycling
Iron and aluminum association with microbially processed organic matter via meso-density aggregate formation across soils: organo-metallic glue hypothesis
Rota Wagai, Masako Kajiura, and Maki Asano
SOIL, 6, 597–627,,, 2020
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Land-use perturbations in ley grassland decouple the degradation of ancient soil organic matter from the storage of newly derived carbon inputs
Marco Panettieri, Denis Courtier-Murias, Cornelia Rumpel, Marie-France Dignac, Gonzalo Almendros, and Abad Chabbi
SOIL, 6, 435–451,,, 2020
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Switch of fungal to bacterial degradation in natural, drained and rewetted oligotrophic peatlands reflected in δ15N and fatty acid composition
Miriam Groß-Schmölders, Pascal von Sengbusch, Jan Paul Krüger, Kristy Klein, Axel Birkholz, Jens Leifeld, and Christine Alewell
SOIL, 6, 299–313,,, 2020
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Catchment export of base cations: improved mineral dissolution kinetics influence the role of water transit time
Martin Erlandsson Lampa, Harald U. Sverdrup, Kevin H. Bishop, Salim Belyazid, Ali Ameli, and Stephan J. Köhler
SOIL, 6, 231–244,,, 2020
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Boreal-forest soil chemistry drives soil organic carbon bioreactivity along a 314-year fire chronosequence
Benjamin Andrieux, David Paré, Julien Beguin, Pierre Grondin, and Yves Bergeron
SOIL, 6, 195–213,,, 2020
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Legacy effects of increased temperature on both nitrogen (N) transformation rates and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from permanent temperate grassland soil were evaluated. A new source-partitioning model showed the importance of oxidation of organic N as a source of N2O. Gross organic (and not inorganic) N transformation rates decreased in response to the prior soil warming treatment. This was also reflected in reduced N2O emissions associated with organic N oxidation and denitrification.