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Original research article
17 Jan 2024
Original research article |  | 17 Jan 2024

Response of soil nutrients and erodibility to slope aspect in the northern agro-pastoral ecotone, China

Yuxin Wu, Guodong Jia, Xinxiao Yu, Honghong Rao, Xiuwen Peng, Yusong Wang, Yushi Wang, and Xu Wang

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Soil degradation
Sensitivity of source sediment fingerprinting modelling to tracer selection methods
Thomas Chalaux-Clergue, Rémi Bizeul, Pedro V. G. Batista, Nuria Martinez-Carreras, J. Patrick Laceby, and Olivier Evrard
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Mapping land degradation risk due to land susceptibility to dust emission and water erosion
Mahdi Boroughani, Fahimeh Mirchooli, Mojtaba Hadavifar, and Stephanie Fiedler
SOIL, 9, 411–423,,, 2023
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Validating plutonium-239+240 as a novel soil redistribution tracer – a comparison to measured sediment yield
Katrin Meusburger, Paolo Porto, Judith Kobler Waldis, and Christine Alewell
SOIL, 9, 399–409,,, 2023
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Quantification of the effects of long-term straw return on soil organic matter spatiotemporal variation: a case study in a typical black soil region
Yang Yan, Wenjun Ji, Baoguo Li, Guiman Wang, Songchao Chen, Dehai Zhu, and Zhong Liu
SOIL, 9, 351–364,,, 2023
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Does soil thinning change soil erodibility? An exploration of long-term erosion feedback systems
Pedro V. G. Batista, Daniel L. Evans, Bernardo M. Cândido, and Peter Fiener
SOIL, 9, 71–88,,, 2023
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Vegetation restoration is an important method of ecological restoration that aims to control soil erosion and prevent soil degradation. Our study suggests that combinations of species such as C. korshinskii and L. bicolor are optimal for improving the soil nutrients and soil erodibility for any slope aspect. This study provides insight into the rational planning of vegetation restoration measures for slopes with various aspects in semi-arid areas of the northern agro-pastoral ecotone.