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SOIL, 1, 537–542, 2015
SOIL, 1, 537–542, 2015
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28 Jul 2015
Short communication | 28 Jul 2015

14C in cropland soil of a long-term field trial – experimental variability and implications for estimating carbon turnover

J. Leifeld and J. Mayer

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SOIL, 8, 1–15,,, 2022
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Short summary
We present 14C data for field replicates of a controlled agricultural long-term experiment. We show that 14C variability is, on average, 12 times that of the analytical precision of the 14C measurement. Experimental 14C variability is related to neither management nor soil depth. Application of a simple carbon turnover model reveals that experimental variability of radiocarbon results in higher absolute uncertainties of estimated carbon turnover time for deeper soil layers.