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SOIL, 1, 117–129, 2015

Special issue: An introduction to SOIL

SOIL, 1, 117–129, 2015
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16 Jan 2015
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The interdisciplinary nature of SOIL

E. C. Brevik et al.

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The impact of road and railway embankments on runoff and soil erosion in eastern Spain
P. Pereira, A. Gimeìnez-Morera, A. Novara, S. Keesstra, A. Jordán, R. E. Masto, E. Brevik, C. Azorin-Molina, and A. Cerdà
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2015
Revised manuscript has not been submitted
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The past, present, and future of soils and human health studies
E. C. Brevik and T. J. Sauer
SOIL, 1, 35–46,,, 2015

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Soils and natural ecosystems
Biocrust-linked changes in soil aggregate stability along a climatic gradient in the Chilean Coastal Range
Nicolás Riveras-Muñoz, Steffen Seitz, Kristina Witzgall, Victoria Rodríguez, Peter Kühn, Carsten W. Mueller, Rómulo Oses, Oscar Seguel, Dirk Wagner, and Thomas Scholten
SOIL Discuss.,,, 2022
Revised manuscript accepted for SOIL
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Content of soil organic carbon and labile fractions depend on local combinations of mineral-phase characteristics
Malte Ortner, Michael Seidel, Sebastian Semella, Thomas Udelhoven, Michael Vohland, and Sören Thiele-Bruhn
SOIL, 8, 113–131,,, 2022
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Effects of environmental factors and soil properties on soil organic carbon stock in a natural dry tropical area of Cameroon
Désiré Tsozué, Nérine Mabelle Moudjie Noubissie, Estelle Lionelle Tamto Mamdem, Simon Djakba Basga, and Dieudonne Lucien Bitom Oyono
SOIL, 7, 677–691,,, 2021
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The role of ecosystem engineers in shaping the diversity and function of arid soil bacterial communities
Capucine Baubin, Arielle M. Farrell, Adam Št'ovíček, Lusine Ghazaryan, Itamar Giladi, and Osnat Gillor
SOIL, 7, 611–637,,, 2021
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SoilGrids 2.0: producing soil information for the globe with quantified spatial uncertainty
Laura Poggio, Luis M. de Sousa, Niels H. Batjes, Gerard B. M. Heuvelink, Bas Kempen, Eloi Ribeiro, and David Rossiter
SOIL, 7, 217–240,,, 2021
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This paper provides a brief accounting of some of the many ways that the study of soils can be interdisciplinary, therefore giving examples of the types of papers we hope to see submitted to SOIL.
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