Articles | Volume 6, issue 2
SOIL, 6, 315–324, 2020
SOIL, 6, 315–324, 2020

Original research article 23 Jul 2020

Original research article | 23 Jul 2020

Effects of microplastic and microglass particles on soil microbial community structure in an arable soil (Chernozem)

Katja Wiedner and Steven Polifka

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Microplastics and microglass are used in a wide range of everyday and industrial applications acting as abrasives, filler and binding agents, which could enter aquatic and terrestrial environments with unexpected consequences for ecosystems. Our study suggests that different types of microparticles seem to have contrary effects on soil microorganisms, depending on the origin and properties of microparticles. This study should be seen as basis for further research, which is urgently needed.