Articles | Volume 7, issue 1
SOIL, 7, 241–253, 2021
SOIL, 7, 241–253, 2021

Original research article 18 Jun 2021

Original research article | 18 Jun 2021

Improved calibration of the Green–Ampt infiltration module in the EROSION-2D/3D model using a rainfall-runoff experiment database

Hana Beitlerová et al.

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This study presents transfer functions for a calibration parameter of the Green–Ampt infiltration module of the EROSION-2D/3D model, which are significantly improving the model performance compared to the current state. The relationships found between calibration parameters and soil parameters however put the Green–Ampt implementation in the model and the state-of-the-art parametrization method in question. A new direction of the infiltration module development is proposed.