Articles | Volume 6, issue 2
SOIL, 6, 513–521, 2020
SOIL, 6, 513–521, 2020

Original research article 22 Oct 2020

Original research article | 22 Oct 2020

Microbial communities and their predictive functional profiles in the arid soil of Saudi Arabia

Munawwar A. Khan and Shams T. Khan

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SOIL, 2, 511–521,,, 2016
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Soil is a renewable resource for purposes ranging from agriculture to mineralization. Soil microbiome plays vital roles in facilitating process like providing nutrients to plants, or their mobilization for plant uptake, consequently improving plant growth and productivity. Therefore, understanding of these microbial communities and their role in soil is crucial for exploring the possibility of using microbial community inoculants for improving desert soil fertility and agricultural potential.