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Original research article
20 Oct 2022
Original research article |  | 20 Oct 2022

Effects of innovative long-term soil and crop management on topsoil properties of a Mediterranean soil based on detailed water retention curves

Alaitz Aldaz-Lusarreta, Rafael Giménez, Miguel A. Campo-Bescós, Luis M. Arregui, and Iñigo Virto

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Additional carbon inputs to reach a 4 per 1000 objective in Europe: feasibility and projected impacts of climate change based on Century simulations of long-term arable experiments
Elisa Bruni, Bertrand Guenet, Yuanyuan Huang, Hugues Clivot, Iñigo Virto, Roberta Farina, Thomas Kätterer, Philippe Ciais, Manuel Martin, and Claire Chenu
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Gully geometry: what are we measuring?
J. Casalí, R. Giménez, and M. A. Campo-Bescós
SOIL, 1, 509–513,,, 2015
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Reproducibility of the wet part of the soil water retention curve: a European interlaboratory comparison
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SOIL, 9, 365–379,,, 2023
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The higher relative concentration of K+ to Na+ in saline water improves soil hydraulic conductivity, salt-leaching efficiency and structural stability
Sihui Yan, Tibin Zhang, Binbin Zhang, Tonggang Zhang, Yu Cheng, Chun Wang, Min Luo, Hao Feng, and Kadambot H. M. Siddique
SOIL, 9, 339–349,,, 2023
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Agricultural use of compost under different irrigation strategies in a hedgerow olive grove under Mediterranean conditions – a comparison with traditional systems
Laura L. de Sosa, María José Martín-Palomo, Pedro Castro-Valdecantos, and Engracia Madejón
SOIL, 9, 325–338,,, 2023
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Sequestering carbon in the subsoil benefits crop transpiration at the onset of drought
Maria Eliza Turek, Attila Nemes, and Annelie Holzkämper
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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This study shows how an innovative soil and crop management including no-tillage, cover crops and organic amendments is able to improve the topsoil physical quality compared to conventional management for rainfed cereal cropping in a semi-arid Mediterranean area in Navarre (Spain).