Articles | Volume 7, issue 1
SOIL, 7, 33–46, 2021
SOIL, 7, 33–46, 2021

Original research article 22 Jan 2021

Original research article | 22 Jan 2021

Mapping soil slaking index and assessing the impact of management in a mixed agricultural landscape

Edward J. Jones et al.

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Mapping homogeneous spectral response zones in a soil profile
Edward J. Jones and Alex B. McBratney
SOIL Discuss.,,, 2018
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SOIL, 2, 1–11,,, 2016
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Soil physical health is integral to maintaining functional agro-ecosystems. A novel method of assessing soil physical condition using a smartphone app has been developed – SLAKES. In this study the SLAKES app was used to investigate aggregate stability in a mixed agricultural landscape. Cropping areas were found to have significantly poorer physical health than similar soils under pasture. Results were mapped across the landscape to identify problem areas and pinpoint remediation efforts.