Articles | Volume 2, issue 4
SOIL, 2, 647–657, 2016
SOIL, 2, 647–657, 2016

Original research article 15 Dec 2016

Original research article | 15 Dec 2016

Sensitivity analysis of point and parametric pedotransfer functions for estimating water retention of soils in Algeria

Sami Touil et al.

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Characterization of stony soils' hydraulic conductivity using laboratory and numerical experiments
Eléonore Beckers, Mathieu Pichault, Wanwisa Pansak, Aurore Degré, and Sarah Garré
SOIL, 2, 421–431,,, 2016
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Modelling extreme discharge response to several geostatistically interpolated rainfall using very sparse raingage data
Sarann Ly, Catherine Sohier, Catherine Charles, and Aurore Degré
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2016
Manuscript not accepted for further review
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Coupling X-ray microtomography and macroscopic soil measurements: a method to enhance near-saturation functions?
E. Beckers, E. Plougonven, N. Gigot, A. Léonard, C. Roisin, Y. Brostaux, and A. Degré
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 18, 1805–1817,,, 2014
A method for low-flow estimation at ungauged sites: a case study in Wallonia (Belgium)
M. Grandry, S. Gailliez, C. Sohier, A. Verstraete, and A. Degré
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 1319–1330,,, 2013

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Soils and water
A review of the global soil property maps for Earth system models
Yongjiu Dai, Wei Shangguan, Nan Wei, Qinchuan Xin, Hua Yuan, Shupeng Zhang, Shaofeng Liu, Xingjie Lu, Dagang Wang, and Fapeng Yan
SOIL, 5, 137–158,,, 2019
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Saturated and unsaturated salt transport in peat from a constructed fen
Reuven B. Simhayov, Tobias K. D. Weber, and Jonathan S. Price
SOIL, 4, 63–81,,, 2018
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Water in the critical zone: soil, water and life from profile to planet
M. J. Kirkby
SOIL, 2, 631–645,,, 2016
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Deriving pedotransfer functions for soil quartz fraction in southern France from reverse modeling
Jean-Christophe Calvet, Noureddine Fritz, Christine Berne, Bruno Piguet, William Maurel, and Catherine Meurey
SOIL, 2, 615–629,,, 2016
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Morphological dynamics of gully systems in the subhumid Ethiopian Highlands: the Debre Mawi watershed
Assefa D. Zegeye, Eddy J. Langendoen, Cathelijne R. Stoof, Seifu A. Tilahun, Dessalegn C. Dagnew, Fasikaw A. Zimale, Christian D. Guzman, Birru Yitaferu, and Tammo S. Steenhuis
SOIL, 2, 443–458,,, 2016
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