Articles | Volume 1, issue 2
SOIL, 1, 641–650, 2015

Special issue: Advancements in data acquisition for soil erosion studies

SOIL, 1, 641–650, 2015
Original research article
24 Sep 2015
Original research article | 24 Sep 2015

Assessing the performance of a plastic optical fibre turbidity sensor for measuring post-fire erosion from plot to catchment scale

J. J. Keizer et al.

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Short summary
In this study, a novel plastic optical fibre turbidity sensor was exhaustively tested with a large set of runoff samples, mainly from a recently burnt area. The different types of samples from the distinct study sites revealed without exception an increase in normalized light loss with increasing sediment concentrations that agreed (reasonably) well with a power function. Nevertheless, sensor-based predictions of sediment concentration should ideally involve site-specific calibrations.