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14 Jul 2015
Original research article |  | 14 Jul 2015

Case study of microarthropod communities to assess soil quality in different managed vineyards

E. Gagnarli, D. Goggioli, F. Tarchi, S. Guidi, R. Nannelli, N. Vignozzi, G. Valboa, M. R. Lottero, L. Corino, and S. Simoni

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Short-term recovery of soil physical, chemical, micro- and mesobiological functions in a new vineyard under organic farming
E. A. C. Costantini, A. E. Agnelli, A. Fabiani, E. Gagnarli, S. Mocali, S. Priori, S. Simoni, and G. Valboa
SOIL, 1, 443–457,,, 2015
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Soil biodiversity and soil health
Biochar promotes soil aggregate stability and associated organic carbon sequestration and regulates microbial community structures in Mollisols from northeast China
Jing Sun, Xinrui Lu, Guoshuang Chen, Nana Luo, Qilin Zhang, and Xiujun Li
SOIL, 9, 261–275,,, 2023
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Only a minority of bacteria grow after wetting in both natural and post-mining biocrusts in a hyperarid phosphate mine
Talia Gabay, Eva Petrova, Osnat Gillor, Yaron Ziv, and Roey Angel
SOIL, 9, 231–242,,, 2023
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Lower functional redundancy in “narrow” than “broad” functions in global soil metagenomics
Huaihai Chen, Kayan Ma, Yu Huang, Qi Fu, Yingbo Qiu, Jiajiang Lin, Christopher W. Schadt, and Hao Chen
SOIL, 8, 297–308,,, 2022
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Pairing litter decomposition with microbial community structures using the Tea Bag Index (TBI)
Anne Daebeler, Eva Petrová, Elena Kinz, Susanne Grausenburger, Helene Berthold, Taru Sandén, Roey Angel, and the high-school students of biology project groups I, II, and III from 2018–2019
SOIL, 8, 163–176,,, 2022
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Network complexity of rubber plantations is lower than tropical forests for soil bacteria but not for fungi
Guoyu Lan, Chuan Yang, Zhixiang Wu, Rui Sun, Bangqian Chen, and Xicai Zhang
SOIL, 8, 149–161,,, 2022
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