Articles | Volume 1, issue 2
SOIL, 1, 527–536, 2015

Special issue: Geosciences and wine: the environmental processes that regulate...

SOIL, 1, 527–536, 2015

Original research article 14 Jul 2015

Original research article | 14 Jul 2015

Case study of microarthropod communities to assess soil quality in different managed vineyards

E. Gagnarli et al.

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Short-term recovery of soil physical, chemical, micro- and mesobiological functions in a new vineyard under organic farming
E. A. C. Costantini, A. E. Agnelli, A. Fabiani, E. Gagnarli, S. Mocali, S. Priori, S. Simoni, and G. Valboa
SOIL, 1, 443–457,,, 2015
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Soils and biodiversity
Microbial communities and their predictive functional profiles in the arid soil of Saudi Arabia
Munawwar A. Khan and Shams T. Khan
SOIL, 6, 513–521,,, 2020
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Development of a soil biological quality index for soils of semi-arid tropics
Selvaraj Aravindh, Chinnappan Chinnadurai, and Dananjeyan Balachandar
SOIL, 6, 483–497,,, 2020
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What do we know about how the terrestrial multicellular soil fauna reacts to microplastic?
Frederick Büks, Nicolette Loes van Schaik, and Martin Kaupenjohann
SOIL, 6, 245–267,,, 2020
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Soil microbial biomass and function are altered by 12 years of crop rotation
Marshall D. McDaniel and A. Stuart Grandy
SOIL, 2, 583–599,,, 2016
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Soil denitrifier community size changes with land use change to perennial bioenergy cropping systems
Karen A. Thompson, Bill Deen, and Kari E. Dunfield
SOIL, 2, 523–535,,, 2016
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