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SOIL, 1, 1–21, 2015

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SOIL, 1, 1–21, 2015

Review article 05 Jan 2015

Review article | 05 Jan 2015

Carbon nanomaterials in clean and contaminated soils: environmental implications and applications

M. J. Riding et al.

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Maria Catarina Paz, Mohammad Farzamian, Ana Marta Paz, Nádia Luísa Castanheira, Maria Conceição Gonçalves, and Fernando Monteiro Santos
SOIL, 6, 499–511,,, 2020
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SOIL, 2, 487–498,,, 2016
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Special issue
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The behaviour of carbon nanomaterials (CNMs) in soils is highly complex and dynamic. As a result, assessments of the possible risks CNMs pose within soil should be conducted on a case-by-case basis. Further work to assess the long-term stability and toxicity of CNM-sorbed contaminants, as well as the toxicity of CNMs themselves, is required to determine if their sorptive abilities can be applied to remedy environmental issues such as land contamination.