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04 Jan 2023
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Soil and crop management practices and the water regulation functions of soils: a qualitative synthesis of meta-analyses relevant to European agriculture

Guillaume Blanchy, Gilberto Bragato, Claudia Di Bene, Nicholas Jarvis, Mats Larsbo, Katharina Meurer, and Sarah Garré

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Imaging of the electrical activity in the root zone under limited-water-availability stress: a laboratory study for Vitis vinifera
Benjamin Mary, Veronika Iván, Franco Meggio, Luca Peruzzo, Guillaume Blanchy, Chunwei Chou, Benedetto Ruperti, Yuxin Wu, and Giorgio Cassiani
Biogeosciences, 20, 4625–4650,,, 2023
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Impacts of soil management and climate on saturated and near-saturated hydraulic conductivity: analyses of the Open Tension-disk Infiltrometer Meta-database (OTIM)
Guillaume Blanchy, Lukas Albrecht, Gilberto Bragato, Sarah Garré, Nicholas Jarvis, and John Koestel
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 27, 2703–2724,,, 2023
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Sequestering carbon in the subsoil benefits crop transpiration at the onset of drought
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Pesticide transport through the vadose zone under sugarcane in the Wet Tropics, Australia
Rezaul Karim, Lucy Reading, Les Dawes, Ofer Dahan, and Glynis Orr
SOIL, 9, 381–398,,, 2023
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Executive editor
I think the paper contains some important messages for the management of soil water that have widespread implications
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European agriculture is vulnerable to weather extremes. Nevertheless, by choosing well how to manage their land, farmers can protect themselves against drought and peak rains. More than a thousand observations across Europe show that it is important to keep the soil covered with living plants, even in winter. A focus on a general reduction of traffic on agricultural land is more important than reducing tillage. Organic material needs to remain or be added on the field as much as possible.