Articles | Volume 6, issue 2
SOIL, 6, 359–369, 2020
SOIL, 6, 359–369, 2020

Original research article 06 Aug 2020

Original research article | 06 Aug 2020

Disaggregating a regional-extent digital soil map using Bayesian area-to-point regression kriging for farm-scale soil carbon assessment

Sanjeewani Nimalka Somarathna Pallegedara Dewage et al.

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Additional soil organic carbon storage potential in global croplands
José Padarian, Budiman Minasny, Alex B. McBratney, and Pete Smith
SOIL Discuss.,,, 2021
Manuscript not accepted for further review
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José Padarian, Budiman Minasny, and Alex B. McBratney
SOIL, 6, 35–52,,, 2020
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SOIL, 3, 123–137,,, 2017
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Most soil management activities are implemented at farm scale, yet digital soil maps are commonly available at regional/national scales. This study proposes Bayesian area-to-point kriging to downscale regional-/national-scale soil property maps to farm scale. A regional soil carbon map with a resolution of 100 m (block support) was disaggregated to 10 m (point support) information for a farm in northern NSW, Australia. Results are presented with the uncertainty of the downscaling process.