Articles | Volume 5, issue 2
SOIL, 5, 159–175, 2019
SOIL, 5, 159–175, 2019
Short communication
09 Jul 2019
Short communication | 09 Jul 2019

Soil lacquer peel do-it-yourself: simply capturing beauty

Cathelijne R. Stoof et al.

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Victor Mario Tapia, Santiago Monedero, Kerryn Little, Sergio de-Miguel, Cathelijne Stoof, and Adrián Cardíl
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Short summary
Teaching and outreach of soils is often done with real-life snapshots of soils and sediments in lacquer or glue peels. While it may seem hard, anyone can make such a peel. Illustrated with handmade drawings and an instructional video, we explain how to capture soils in peels using readily available materials. A new twist to old methods makes this safer, simpler, and more successful, and thus a true DIY (do-it-yourself) activity, highlighting the value and beauty of the ground below our feet.