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SOIL, 2, 631–645, 2016

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SOIL, 2, 631–645, 2016

Review article 12 Dec 2016

Review article | 12 Dec 2016

Water in the critical zone: soil, water and life from profile to planet

M. J. Kirkby

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Keith J. Beven, Mike J. Kirkby, Jim E. Freer, and Rob Lamb
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Insights into biogeochemical cycling from a soil evolution model and long-term chronosequences
M. O. Johnson, M. Gloor, M. J. Kirkby, and J. Lloyd
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Yongjiu Dai, Wei Shangguan, Nan Wei, Qinchuan Xin, Hua Yuan, Shupeng Zhang, Shaofeng Liu, Xingjie Lu, Dagang Wang, and Fapeng Yan
SOIL, 5, 137–158,,, 2019
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Saturated and unsaturated salt transport in peat from a constructed fen
Reuven B. Simhayov, Tobias K. D. Weber, and Jonathan S. Price
SOIL, 4, 63–81,,, 2018
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The review paper surveys the state of the art with respect to water in the critical zone, taking a broad view that concentrates on the global range of natural soils, identifying some areas of currently active research.