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Original research article
16 Jan 2024
Original research article |  | 16 Jan 2024

Intensive agricultural management-induced subsurface accumulation of water-extractable colloidal P in a Vertisol

Shouhao Li, Shuiqing Chen, Shanshan Bai, Jinfang Tan, and Xiaoqian Jiang

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Effect of straw retention and mineral fertilization on P speciation and P-transformation microorganisms in water extractable colloids of a Vertisol
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EGUsphere,,, 2024
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The role of long-term mineral and manure fertilization on P species accumulation and phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms in paddy red soils
Shuiqing Chen, Jusheng Gao, Huaihai Chen, Zeyuan Zhang, Jing Huang, Lefu Lv, Jinfang Tan, and Xiaoqian Jiang
SOIL, 9, 101–116,,, 2023
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The distribution of water-extractable colloids with soil profiles of 0120 cm was investigated in a Vertisol under high-intensity agricultural management. A large number of experimental data show that colloidal phosphorus plays an important role in apatite transport throughout the profile. Thus, it is crucial to consider the impact of colloidal P when predicting surface-to-subsurface P loss in Vertisols.