Articles | Volume 1, issue 1
SOIL, 1, 399–410, 2015

Special issue: Advancements in data acquisition for soil erosion studies

SOIL, 1, 399–410, 2015

Original research article 24 Apr 2015

Original research article | 24 Apr 2015

Soil surface roughness: comparing old and new measuring methods and application in a soil erosion model

L. M. Thomsen et al.

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Soil and methods
The influence of training sample size on the accuracy of deep learning models for the prediction of soil properties with near-infrared spectroscopy data
Wartini Ng, Budiman Minasny, Wanderson de Sousa Mendes, and José Alexandre Melo Demattê
SOIL, 6, 565–578,,, 2020
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Game theory interpretation of digital soil mapping convolutional neural networks
José Padarian, Alex B. McBratney, and Budiman Minasny
SOIL, 6, 389–397,,, 2020
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Comparing three approaches of spatial disaggregation of legacy soil maps based on the Disaggregation and Harmonisation of Soil Map Units Through Resampled Classification Trees (DSMART) algorithm
Yosra Ellili-Bargaoui, Brendan Philip Malone, Didier Michot, Budiman Minasny, Sébastien Vincent, Christian Walter, and Blandine Lemercier
SOIL, 6, 371–388,,, 2020
Oblique geographic coordinates as covariates for digital soil mapping
Anders Bjørn Møller, Amélie Marie Beucher, Nastaran Pouladi, and Mogens Humlekrog Greve
SOIL, 6, 269–289,,, 2020
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Development of pedotransfer functions for water retention in tropical mountain soil landscapes: spotlight on parameter tuning in machine learning
Anika Gebauer, Monja Ellinger, Victor M. Brito Gomez, and Mareike Ließ
SOIL, 6, 215–229,,, 2020
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