Articles | Volume 5, issue 2
SOIL, 5, 205–221, 2019
SOIL, 5, 205–221, 2019
Original research article
31 Jul 2019
Original research article | 31 Jul 2019

Spatially resolved soil solution chemistry in a central European atmospherically polluted high-elevation catchment

Daniel A. Petrash et al.

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Aqueous system-level processes and prokaryote assemblages in the ferruginous and sulfate-rich bottom waters of a post-mining lake
Daniel A. Petrash, Ingrid M. Steenbergen, Astolfo Valero, Travis B. Meador, Tomáš Pačes, and Christophe Thomazo
Biogeosciences, 19, 1723–1751,,, 2022
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The effect of organic matter (OM) quality on the redox stability of OM-Fe association in freshwater sediments
Nana O.-A. Osafo, Jiří Jan, Petr Porcal, Daniel A. Petrash, and Jakub Borovec
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Manuscript not accepted for further review
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SOIL, 6, 629–647,,, 2020
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Some 30 years after peak pollution-related soil acidification occurred in central Europe, the forest ecosystem of a small V-shaped mountain valley, UDL, was still out of chemical balance relative to the concurrent loads of anions and cations in precipitation. The spatial variability in soil solution chemistry provided evidence pointing to substrate variability, C and P bioavailability, and landscape as major controls on base metal leaching toward the subsoil level in N-saturated catchments.