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28 Jun 2016
Original research article |  | 28 Jun 2016

Climate and soil factors influencing seedling recruitment of plant species used for dryland restoration

Miriam Muñoz-Rojas, Todd E. Erickson, Dylan C. Martini, Kingsley W. Dixon, and David J. Merritt

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Modelling soil organic carbon stocks in global change scenarios: a CarboSOIL application
M. Muñoz-Rojas, A. Jordán, L. M. Zavala, F. A. González-Peñaloza, D. De la Rosa, R. Pino-Mejias, and M. Anaya-Romero
Biogeosciences, 10, 8253–8268,,, 2013

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Soils and global change
Effects of a warmer climate and forest composition on soil carbon cycling, soil organic matter stability and stocks in a humid boreal region
David Paré, Jérôme Laganière, Guy R. Larocque, and Robert Boutin
SOIL, 8, 673–686,,, 2022
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Effects of mild alternate wetting and drying irrigation and rice straw application on N2O emissions in rice cultivation
Kaikuo Wu, Wentao Li, Zhanbo Wei, Zhi Dong, Yue Meng, Na Lv, and Lili Zhang
SOIL, 8, 645–654,,, 2022
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Whole-soil warming decreases abundance and modifies the community structure of microorganisms in the subsoil but not in surface soil
Cyrill U. Zosso, Nicholas O. E. Ofiti, Jennifer L. Soong, Emily F. Solly, Margaret S. Torn, Arnaud Huguet, Guido L. B. Wiesenberg, and Michael W. I. Schmidt
SOIL, 7, 477–494,,, 2021
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Short- and long-term temperature responses of soil denitrifier net N2O efflux rates, inter-profile N2O dynamics, and microbial genetic potentials
Kate M. Buckeridge, Kate A. Edwards, Kyungjin Min, Susan E. Ziegler, and Sharon A. Billings
SOIL, 6, 399–412,,, 2020
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Acute glyphosate exposure does not condition the response of microbial communities to a dry–rewetting disturbance in a soil with a long history of glyphosate-based herbicides
Marco Allegrini, Elena Gomez, and María Celina Zabaloy
SOIL, 6, 291–297,,, 2020
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