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SOIL, 7, 83–94, 2021

Special issue: Tropical biogeochemistry of soils in the Congo Basin and the...

SOIL, 7, 83–94, 2021

Original research article 30 Mar 2021

Original research article | 30 Mar 2021

Stable isotope signatures of soil nitrogen on an environmental–geomorphic gradient within the Congo Basin

Simon Baumgartner et al.

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Seasonality, drivers, and isotopic composition of soil CO2 fluxes from tropical forests of the Congo Basin
Simon Baumgartner, Matti Barthel, Travis William Drake, Marijn Bauters, Isaac Ahanamungu Makelele, John Kalume Mugula, Laura Summerauer, Nora Gallarotti, Landry Cizungu Ntaboba, Kristof Van Oost, Pascal Boeckx, Sebastian Doetterl, Roland Anton Werner, and Johan Six
Biogeosciences, 17, 6207–6218,,, 2020
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Soils and biogeochemical cycling
Heterotrophic soil respiration and carbon cycling in geochemically distinct African tropical forest soils
Benjamin Bukombe, Peter Fiener, Alison M. Hoyt, Laurent K. Kidinda, and Sebastian Doetterl
SOIL, 7, 639–659,,, 2021
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Soil organic carbon mobility in equatorial podzols: soil column experiments
Patricia Merdy, Yves Lucas, Bruno Coulomb, Adolpho J. Melfi, and Célia R. Montes
SOIL, 7, 585–594,,, 2021
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Microbial activity responses to water stress in agricultural soils from simple and complex crop rotations
Jörg Schnecker, D. Boone Meeden, Francisco Calderon, Michel Cavigelli, R. Michael Lehman, Lisa K. Tiemann, and A. Stuart Grandy
SOIL, 7, 547–561,,, 2021
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The role of geochemistry in organic carbon stabilization against microbial decomposition in tropical rainforest soils
Mario Reichenbach, Peter Fiener, Gina Garland, Marco Griepentrog, Johan Six, and Sebastian Doetterl
SOIL, 7, 453–475,,, 2021
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Phosphorus dynamics during early soil development in extreme environment
Zuzana Frkova, Chiara Pistocchi, Yuliya Vystavna, Katerina Capkova, Jiri Dolezal, and Federica Tamburini
SOIL Discuss.,,, 2021
Revised manuscript accepted for SOIL
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We compared stable isotope signatures of soil profiles in different forest ecosystems within the Congo Basin to assess ecosystem-level differences in N cycling, and we examined the local effect of topography on the isotopic signature of soil N. Soil δ15N profiles indicated that the N cycling in in the montane forest is more closed, whereas the lowland forest and Miombo woodland experienced a more open N cycle. Topography only alters soil δ15N values in forests with high erosional forces.