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Original research article
21 Apr 2016
Original research article |  | 21 Apr 2016

Organic wastes from bioenergy and ecological sanitation as a soil fertility improver: a field experiment in a tropical Andosol

Ariane Krause, Thomas Nehls, Eckhard George, and Martin Kaupenjohann

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Predicting Water Retention Curves for Binary Mixtures – Concept and Application for Constructed Technosols
Moreen Willaredt, Andre Peters, and Thomas Nehls
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2022
Revised manuscript under review for HESS
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What comes after the Sun? On the integration of soil biogeochemical pre-weathering into microplastic experiments
Frederick Büks and Martin Kaupenjohann
SOIL, 8, 373–380,,, 2022
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Particles under stress: ultrasonication causes size and recovery rate artifacts with soil-derived POM but not with microplastics
Frederick Büks, Gilles Kayser, Antonia Zieger, Friederike Lang, and Martin Kaupenjohann
Biogeosciences, 18, 159–167,,, 2021
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Global concentrations of microplastics in soils – a review
Frederick Büks and Martin Kaupenjohann
SOIL, 6, 649–662,,, 2020
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What do we know about how the terrestrial multicellular soil fauna reacts to microplastic?
Frederick Büks, Nicolette Loes van Schaik, and Martin Kaupenjohann
SOIL, 6, 245–267,,, 2020
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Targeting the soil quality and soil health concepts when aiming for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Green Deal
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Global meta-analysis of the relationship between soil organic matter and crop yields
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Refining physical aspects of soil quality and soil health when exploring the effects of soil degradation and climate change on biomass production: an Italian case study
Antonello Bonfante, Fabio Terribile, and Johan Bouma
SOIL, 5, 1–14,,, 2019
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In a field experiment in Tanzania, we used substrates from local projects as soil amenders for intercropping relevant local crops, aiming to advance the practical application of known principles for smallholder agriculture in SSA, i.e. biochar and biogas application and EcoSan practices. We studied the short-term effects on crop productivity, plant nutrition and soil properties. By mitigating P scarcity and acidification, yields were increased by up to 400 % compared to the control.