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26 Jan 2015
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The fate of seeds in the soil: a review of the influence of overland flow on seed removal and its consequences for the vegetation of arid and semiarid patchy ecosystems

E. Bochet

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Soils and plants
Soil bacterial communities triggered by organic matter inputs associates with a high-yielding pear production
Li Wang, Xiaomei Ye, Hangwei Hu, Jing Du, Yonglan Xi, Zongzhuan Shen, Jing Lin, and Deli Chen
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Soil nitrogen and water management by winter-killed catch crops
Norman Gentsch, Diana Heuermann, Jens Boy, Steffen Schierding, Nicolaus von Wirén, Dörte Schweneker, Ulf Feuerstein, Robin Kümmerer, Bernhard Bauer, and Georg Guggenberger
SOIL, 8, 269–281,,, 2022
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Rhizodeposition efficiency of pearl millet genotypes assessed on a short growing period by carbon isotopes (δ13C and F14C)
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Inducing banana Fusarium wilt disease suppression through soil microbiome reshaping by pineapple–banana rotation combined with biofertilizer application
Beibei Wang, Mingze Sun, Jinming Yang, Zongzhuan Shen, Yannan Ou, Lin Fu, Yan Zhao, Rong Li, Yunze Ruan, and Qirong Shen
SOIL, 8, 17–29,,, 2022
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Soil δ15N is a better indicator of ecosystem nitrogen cycling than plant δ15N: A global meta-analysis
Kaihua Liao, Xiaoming Lai, and Qing Zhu
SOIL, 7, 733–742,,, 2021
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Since seeds are the principle means by which plants move across the landscape, the final fate of seeds plays a fundamental role in the origin, maintenance, functioning and dynamics of plant communities. In arid and semiarid patchy ecosystems, where seeds are scattered into a heterogeneous environment and intense rainfalls occur, the transport of seeds by runoff to new sites represents an opportunity for seeds to reach more favourable sites for seed germination and seedling survival.
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