Articles | Volume 6, issue 2
Original research article
03 Aug 2020
Original research article |  | 03 Aug 2020

Modeling soil and landscape evolution – the effect of rainfall and land-use change on soil and landscape patterns

W. Marijn van der Meij, Arnaud J. A. M. Temme, Jakob Wallinga, and Michael Sommer

Data sets

Historical daily station observations (temperature, pressure, precipitation, sunshine duration, etc.) for Germany DWD Climate Data Center (CDC)

Historical hourly station observations of precipitation for Germany DWD Climate Data Center (CDC)


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Short summary
We developed a model to simulate long-term development of soils and landscapes under varying rainfall and land-use conditions to quantify the temporal variation of soil patterns. In natural landscapes, rainfall amount was the dominant factor influencing soil variation, while for agricultural landscapes, landscape position became the dominant factor due to tillage erosion. Our model shows potential for simulating past and future developments of soils in various landscapes and climates.