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SOIL, 3, 123–137, 2017
SOIL, 3, 123–137, 2017
Original research article
08 Aug 2017
Original research article | 08 Aug 2017

Spatial variability in soil organic carbon in a tropical montane landscape: associations between soil organic carbon and land use, soil properties, vegetation, and topography vary across plot to landscape scales

Marleen de Blécourt et al.

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Stem and soil nitrous oxide fluxes from rainforest and cacao agroforest on highly weathered soils in the Congo Basin
Najeeb Al-Amin Iddris, Marife D. Corre, Martin Yemefack, Oliver van Straaten, and Edzo Veldkamp
Biogeosciences, 17, 5377–5397,,, 2020
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Herbicide weed control increases nutrient leaching compared to mechanical weeding in a large-scale oil palm plantation
Greta Formaglio, Edzo Veldkamp, Xiaohong Duan, Aiyen Tjoa, and Marife D. Corre
Biogeosciences, 17, 5243–5262,,, 2020
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Observation-based implementation of ecophysiological processes for a rubber plant functional type in the community land model (CLM4.5-rubber_v1)
Ashehad A. Ali, Yuanchao Fan, Marife D. Corre, Martyna M. Kotowska, Evelyn Hassler, Fernando E. Moyano, Christian Stiegler, Alexander Röll, Ana Meijide, Andre Ringeler, Christoph Leuschner, Tania June, Suria Tarigan, Holger Kreft, Dirk Hölscher, Chonggang Xu, Charles D. Koven, Rosie Fisher, Edzo Veldkamp, and Alexander Knohl
Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss.,,, 2018
Revised manuscript not accepted
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Conversion of tropical forests to smallholder rubber and oil palm plantations impacts nutrient leaching losses and nutrient retention efficiency in highly weathered soils
Syahrul Kurniawan, Marife D. Corre, Amanda L. Matson, Hubert Schulte-Bisping, Sri Rahayu Utami, Oliver van Straaten, and Edzo Veldkamp
Biogeosciences, 15, 5131–5154,,, 2018
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Soil trace gas fluxes along orthogonal precipitation and soil fertility gradients in tropical lowland forests of Panama
Amanda L. Matson, Marife D. Corre, Kerstin Langs, and Edzo Veldkamp
Biogeosciences, 14, 3509–3524,,, 2017
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Soils and the natural environment
Content of soil organic carbon and labile fractions depend on local combinations of mineral-phase characteristics
Malte Ortner, Michael Seidel, Sebastian Semella, Thomas Udelhoven, Michael Vohland, and Sören Thiele-Bruhn
SOIL, 8, 113–131,,, 2022
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Effects of environmental factors and soil properties on soil organic carbon stock in a natural dry tropical area of Cameroon
Désiré Tsozué, Nérine Mabelle Moudjie Noubissie, Estelle Lionelle Tamto Mamdem, Simon Djakba Basga, and Dieudonne Lucien Bitom Oyono
SOIL, 7, 677–691,,, 2021
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The role of ecosystem engineers in shaping the diversity and function of arid soil bacterial communities
Capucine Baubin, Arielle M. Farrell, Adam Št'ovíček, Lusine Ghazaryan, Itamar Giladi, and Osnat Gillor
SOIL, 7, 611–637,,, 2021
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SoilGrids 2.0: producing soil information for the globe with quantified spatial uncertainty
Laura Poggio, Luis M. de Sousa, Niels H. Batjes, Gerard B. M. Heuvelink, Bas Kempen, Eloi Ribeiro, and David Rossiter
SOIL, 7, 217–240,,, 2021
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Disaggregating a regional-extent digital soil map using Bayesian area-to-point regression kriging for farm-scale soil carbon assessment
Sanjeewani Nimalka Somarathna Pallegedara Dewage, Budiman Minasny, and Brendan Malone
SOIL, 6, 359–369,,, 2020
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We examined the spatial variability in SOC in a 10 000 ha landscape in SW China. The spatial variability in SOC was largest at the plot scale (1 ha) and the associations between SOC and land use, soil properties, vegetation, and topographical attributes varied across plot to landscape scales. Our results show that sampling designs must consider the controlling factors at the scale of interest in order to elucidate their effects on SOC against the variability within and between plots.