Articles | Volume 9, issue 1
Original research article
02 May 2023
Original research article |  | 02 May 2023

Only a minority of bacteria grow after wetting in both natural and post-mining biocrusts in a hyperarid phosphate mine

Talia Gabay, Eva Petrova, Osnat Gillor, Yaron Ziv, and Roey Angel

Model code and software

TaliaJoanne/SIP-experiment-Zin-mines: SIP experiment Zin mines (v1.1) T. Gabay

Short summary
This paper evaluates bacterial growth in biocrusts after a large-scale mining disturbance in a hyperarid desert, using a stable isotope probing assay. We discovered that biocrust bacteria from both natural and post-mining plots resumed photosynthetic activity but did not grow following hydration. Our paper provides insights into the effects of a large-scale disturbance (mining) on biocrusts and their response to hydration, with implications for biocrust restoration practices in Zin mines.