Articles | Volume 7, issue 1
SOIL, 7, 47–52, 2021
SOIL, 7, 47–52, 2021

Short communication 01 Mar 2021

Short communication | 01 Mar 2021

Quantifying and correcting for pre-assay CO2 loss in short-term carbon mineralization assays

Matthew A. Belanger et al.

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Quantifying and Correcting for Pre-Assay CO2 Loss in Short-Term Carbon Mineralization Assays Carmella Vizza, Matthew A. Belanger, G. Philip Robertson, and Sarah S. Roley

Short summary
Soil health is often assessed by re-wetting a dry soil and measuring CO2 production, but the potential bias introduced by soils of different moisture contents is unclear. Our study found that wetter soil tended to lose more carbon during drying than drier soil, thus affecting soil health interpretations. We developed a correction factor to account for initial soil moisture effects, which future studies may benefit from adapting for their soil.