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11 Apr 2024
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Unraveling biogeographical patterns and environmental drivers of soil fungal diversity at the French national scale

Christophe Djemiel, Samuel Dequiedt, Walid Horrigue, Arthur Bailly, Mélanie Lelièvre, Julie Tripied, Charles Guilland, Solène Perrin, Gwendoline Comment, Nicolas P. A. Saby, Claudy Jolivet, Antonio Bispo, Line Boulonne, Antoine Pierart, Patrick Wincker, Corinne Cruaud, Pierre-Alain Maron, Sébastien Terrat, and Lionel Ranjard

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Executive editor
This is one of the first surveys of soil fungal diversity across land uses at the national scale.
Short summary
The fungal kingdom has been diversifying for more than 800 million years by colonizing a large number of habitats on Earth. Based on a unique dataset (18S rDNA meta-barcoding), we described the spatial distribution of fungal diversity at the scale of France and the environmental drivers by tackling biogeographical patterns. We also explored the fungal network interactions across land uses and climate types.