Articles | Volume 9, issue 1
Original research article
02 May 2023
Original research article |  | 02 May 2023

Elemental stoichiometry and Rock-Eval® thermal stability of organic matter in French topsoils

Amicie A. Delahaie, Pierre Barré, François Baudin, Dominique Arrouays, Antonio Bispo, Line Boulonne, Claire Chenu, Claudy Jolivet, Manuel P. Martin, Céline Ratié, Nicolas P. A. Saby, Florence Savignac, and Lauric Cécillon

Data sets

Statistiques sommaires issues du RMQS sur les données agronomiques et en éléments traces des sols français de 0 à 50cm N. Saby, B. Bertouy, L. Boulonne, A. Bispo, C. Ratié, and C. Jolivet

Short summary
We characterized organic matter in French soils by analysing samples from the French RMQS network using Rock-Eval thermal analysis. We found that thermal analysis is appropriate to characterize large set of samples (ca. 2000) and provides interpretation references for Rock-Eval parameter values. This shows that organic matter in managed soils is on average more oxidized and more thermally stable and that some Rock-Eval parameters are good proxies for organic matter biogeochemical stability.