Articles | Volume 8, issue 1
Original research article
09 Feb 2022
Original research article |  | 09 Feb 2022

Effective hydraulic properties of 3D virtual stony soils identified by inverse modeling

Mahyar Naseri, Sascha C. Iden, and Wolfgang Durner

Data sets

Evaporation and multi-step unit gradient virtual experiments for 3D geometries of stony soils with different volumes of rock fragments M. Naseri, S. C. Iden, and W. Durner

Model code and software

Recent developments and applications of the HYDRUS computer software packages ( J. Šimůnek, M. T. Van Genuchten, and M. Šejna

Short summary
We simulated stony soils with low to high volumes of rock fragments in 3D using evaporation and multistep unit-gradient experiments. Hydraulic properties of virtual stony soils were identified under a wide range of soil matric potentials. The developed models for scaling the hydraulic conductivity of stony soils were evaluated under unsaturated flow conditions.