Articles | Volume 8, issue 1
SOIL, 8, 1–15, 2022
SOIL, 8, 1–15, 2022
Original research article
12 Jan 2022
Original research article | 12 Jan 2022

Phosphorus dynamics during early soil development in a cold desert: insights from oxygen isotopes in phosphate

Zuzana Frkova et al.

Data sets

Chamser Kangri glacier forefield dataset Frkova, Zuzana; Pistocchi, Chiara; Vystavna, Yuliya; Capkova, Katerina; Dolezal, Jiri; Tamburini, Federica

Short summary
Phosphorus (P) is essential for life. We studied microbial processes driving the P cycle in soils developed on the same rock but with different ages (0–100 years) in a cold desert. Compared to previous studies under cold climate, we found much slower weathering of P-containing minerals of soil development, likely due to aridity. However, microbes dominate short-term dynamics and progressively redistribute P from the rock into more available forms, making it available for plants at later stages.