Articles | Volume 7, issue 2
Original research article
26 Aug 2021
Original research article |  | 26 Aug 2021

Microbial activity responses to water stress in agricultural soils from simple and complex crop rotations

Jörg Schnecker, D. Boone Meeden, Francisco Calderon, Michel Cavigelli, R. Michael Lehman, Lisa K. Tiemann, and A. Stuart Grandy

Data sets

Soil data Jörg Schnecker 11353/10.1220845

Respiration rates Jörg Schnecker 11353/10.1220845

Short summary
Drought and flooding challenge agricultural systems and their management globally. Here we investigated the response of soils from long-term agricultural field sites with simple and diverse crop rotations to either drought or flooding. We found that irrespective of crop rotation complexity, soil and microbial properties were more resistant to flooding than to drought and highly resilient to drought and flooding during single or repeated stress pulses.