Articles | Volume 7, issue 2
SOIL, 7, 453–475, 2021

Special issue: Tropical biogeochemistry of soils in the Congo Basin and the...

SOIL, 7, 453–475, 2021

Original research article 02 Aug 2021

Original research article | 02 Aug 2021

The role of geochemistry in organic carbon stabilization against microbial decomposition in tropical rainforest soils

Mario Reichenbach et al.

Data sets

TropSOC Database, Version 1.0. GFZ Data Services [data set] S. Doetterl et al., 2021b

Short summary
In deeply weathered tropical rainforest soils of Africa, we found that patterns of soil organic carbon stocks differ between soils developed from geochemically contrasting parent material due to differences in the abundance of organo-mineral complexes, the presence/absence of chemical stabilization mechanisms of carbon with minerals and the presence of fossil organic carbon from sedimentary rocks. Physical stabilization mechanisms by aggregation provide additional protection of soil carbon.