Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
SOIL, 4, 23–35, 2018
SOIL, 4, 23–35, 2018

Original research article 12 Jan 2018

Original research article | 12 Jan 2018

Bone char effects on soil: sequential fractionations and XANES spectroscopy

Mohsen Morshedizad et al.

Data sets

Raw_XANES_Data_vervollständigt (Rohdaten XANES Messungen), BonaRes Data Centre M. Morshedizad and P. Leinweber

Short summary
We investigated how the composition of bone char (BC) particles altered in soil and affected the soil P speciation by fractionation and X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy. Bone char particles (BC from pyrolysis of bone chips and BCplus, a BC enriched with S compounds) were collected at the end of incubation-leaching and ryegrass cultivation trials. Soil amendment with BCplus led to elevated P concentrations and maintained more soluble P species than BC even after ryegrass growth.