Articles | Volume 3, issue 3
SOIL, 3, 139–152, 2017
SOIL, 3, 139–152, 2017

Original research article 22 Aug 2017

Original research article | 22 Aug 2017

A deeper look at the relationship between root carbon pools and the vertical distribution of the soil carbon pool

Ranae Dietzel et al.

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Roots-to-SoilC: A Deeper Look R. Dietzel

Short summary
Roots deeper in the soil are made up of more carbon and less nitrogen compared to roots at shallower depths, which may help explain deep-carbon origin. A comparison of prairie and maize rooting systems showed that in moving from prairie to maize, a large, structural-tissue-dominated root carbon pool with slow turnover concentrated at shallow depths was replaced by a small, nonstructural-tissue-dominated root carbon pool with fast turnover evenly distributed in the soil profile.