Articles | Volume 2, issue 4
SOIL, 2, 659–671, 2016
SOIL, 2, 659–671, 2016

Original research article 15 Dec 2016

Original research article | 15 Dec 2016

Three-dimensional soil organic matter distribution, accessibility and microbial respiration in macroaggregates using osmium staining and synchrotron X-ray computed tomography

Barry G. Rawlins et al.

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Slices through aggregates using synchrotron X-racy computed tomography B. G. Rawlins

Short summary
We do not understand processes by which soil bacteria and fungi feed on soil organic matter (SOM). Previous research suggests the location of SOM in aggregates may influence whether bacteria can feed on it more easily. We did an experiment to identify the distribution of SOM on very small scales within nine soil aggregates. There was no clear evidence that the distribution of organic matter influenced how easily the organic matter was fed upon by bacteria.